In 1943, a young Brazero named Mauro Robles got his first taste of the American Dream and he embraced it wholeheartedly; the 1950’s saw him earn his citizenship, settle his young family in Southern California and realized the only things missing were the tastes of his native Mexico.


The insight and entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of La Reina, Inc. on May 4th 1958. Through the years La Reina's growth continued and expansion occurred. By 1961 as demand for La Reina Tortillas continued to grow, so did the need for more space. A new building was purchased and operations moved to Ford Blvd. in Los Angeles.


In 1989 La Reina along with 14 other tortilla manufacturing companies launches the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA).


In 2006 La Reina is named Tortilla Manufacturer of Year by Snack
Food & Wholesale Bakery magazine.


In 2008 La Reina celebrates its 50th anniversary and founder Mauro Robles turns 85 years of age.


Anita’s was acquired in 1978 by the Robles Family, since that time, Anita's has become recognized for the production of snack foods on the West Coast. The plant has various manufacturing lines that produce a wide range of fried tortilla chips, pallet snacks and taco shells.

In 2013 Anitas moves into its new state of the art facility, in San
Bernardino, CA. In 2014 Anita’s received the state’s U.S. Small Business Persons of 2014 award for growing company revenues more than 100 percent over the past three years and first runner-up for the national U.S. Small Business Persons of 2014 award.

 The company focuses on the philosophy of:

"Healthy, Good for You Snacks"